EPA Bureaucrats Bungle the RFS…Again

Agency’s Mismanagement Highlights Need to Repeal the Mandate

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on EPA’s 2014-2016 volume requirements for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS):

“EPA bureaucrats continue to prove they are incapable of managing the RFS. The agency consistently misses deadlines and sets unrealistic levels for cellulosic ethanol, which is expensive and not commercially viable. This gross mismanagement is just one more reason to scrap the entire mandate, and why anything short of full repeal would just make the RFS worse.

“The RFS was ill-conceived from the get-go. The mandate distorts markets, raises gasoline prices, and benefits a limited few at the expense of all Americans. Partial repeal would only make the mandate worse by moving it closer to a California-style Low Carbon Fuel Standard, causing Americans to pay more at the pump. Full repeal is the only option for those concerned about the interests of all Americans, and not just the self-interests of the biofuel industry and its lobbyists.”

Click here to read why full repeal is the only way to fix the RFS. 


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