How EPA’s Carbon Regulations Harm Pennsylvanians

WASHINGTON — Today the EPA will hold a public hearing in Pittsburgh as part of the EPA’s public engagement and outreach obligation. The American Energy Alliance is providing the below background information to demonstrate how the Obama administration’s carbon regulation stands to impact energy costs, jobs, and the economy in Pennsylvania. In fact, the latest study from NERA Economic Analysis released just last week reports that under this regulation, electricity prices in the Keystone State will increase by an average of 17 percent from 2022-2033.

American Energy Alliance President Tom Pyle issued the following statement:

“The Obama administration’s carbon regulations will undoubtedly increase electricity costs for Pennsylvanians. Higher costs will hurt poor and middle class families the most, and will drive away Pennsylvania’s thriving manufacturing industry. Pennsylvania state leaders have an obligation to their citizens to resist implementation of this federal takeover until the courts have weighed in.”


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