Wind Subsidies Won’t Make America Great Again

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement after presidential candidate Donald Trump came out in support of wind subsidies:

“Donald Trump’s new position in support of wind subsidies is an obvious pander to Big Wind and their lobbyists. Mr. Trump seems to know that wind power doesn’t make sense, and won’t be built without subsidies and handouts. As he stated while in Iowa, ‘It needs subsidy, otherwise they’re not going to get built,’ and ‘They’re very expensive to build and they’re very expensive to maintain.’ What he may not understand is that electricity from new wind sources costs three times as much as electricity from existing coal plants.

“We hope Mr. Trump will come back to his senses and remember that in a country with a $19 trillion national debt, paying Big Wind billions of dollars in taxpayer cash makes no sense, especially since wind energy only works when the wind blows and leads to higher electricity bills to pay for backup generation that other reliable sources don’t require. We can’t make America great again running it on wind turbines and handouts to Big Wind.”

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