Congress Fails the American People with Spending Bill

WASHINGTON – American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on the omnibus spending bill:

“This lopsided deal is an enormous giveaway to big business and special interests. Eliminating the ban on oil exports is an important policy that will benefit the economy in the long run, but Republican leadership paid too high a price, capitulating on nearly every demand from the Left. Extending corporate handouts to the wind and solar industry will cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars and hike electricity prices on middle class Americans, all while putting a down payment on Obama’s climate agenda.

“Despite promises to deny money for the green climate slush fund, Republican leaders have presented a spending bill that fails to prohibit the president from diverting hundreds of millions of dollars to the fund. Whether by negligence or design, this deal strengthens Obama’s climate agenda at the expense of poor and middle class families. Republicans didn’t hand Obama the keys to the bank vault, but they left them under the mat.

“Speaker Ryan promised to change the way the House does business, but this bill is just more of the same backroom deals, out-of-control spending, and special interest handouts we’ve come to expect from Washington. This deal is a terrible beginning for Speaker Ryan and is a tacit admission that comprehensive tax reform is dead, deader, deadest.”


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