Wyoming Leaders Protect Citizens From Carbon Rule

WASHINGTON – This week, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed a two-year budget deal that includes a provision blocking funds from being used to implement the EPA’s carbon rule, or “Clean Power Plan.” American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“Governor Mead and Wyoming lawmakers should be applauded for protecting their citizens by blocking funds from being used to implement President Obama’s illegal carbon rule. With the Supreme Court’s stay in place, it is irresponsible for states to waste precious time and resources to comply with a regulation that could ultimately be thrown out in court or undone by the next administration.

“As a major energy-producing state, Wyoming would be uniquely impacted by this harmful regulation. Not only would the regulation raise electricity costs for Wyoming families and businesses, but it would also severely hurt the state’s energy-producing communities, which provide nearly 40 percent of our nation’s coal. Wyoming’s leaders have taken a significant step to protect their citizens from the president’s carbon rule and we encourage other states to follow suit.”

Click here to find out more about AEA’s “Stop Work” efforts.


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