Trump and Cruz Respond to AEA Survey

Both Candidates Agree: No Carbon Taxes

WASHINGTON – Today, the American Energy Alliance released responses to its 2016 candidate questionnaire from presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

To give voters a better understanding of where the 2016 field stands on energy policy, AEA asked the candidates questions on a variety of issues, including EPA’s carbon rule, a carbon tax, energy production on federal lands, and the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Click here to read the exclusive story from Bloomberg.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“The next president’s approach to energy will not only shape our nation’s policies, but will also determine the direction of our economy. The responses to our questionnaire provide the American voters with useful insight into how some of the candidates will handle the most pressing energy issues if elected.

“Since entering the Oval Office, President Obama has pushed an agenda to make American energy more expensive by restricting access to affordable, reliable energy and propping up expensive sources with taxpayer dollars. The next president can either continue down a path toward expensive energy, or chart a new course that provides affordable energy and gives the American people more control over their energy choices.”

Click here to read Donald Trump’s full responses.

Click here to read Ted Cruz’s full responses.

Click here to read AEA’s accompanying background document.

AEA has not received completed questionnaires from John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.


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