AEA Issues Statement on EPA’s Proposed Fuel Economy Mandate

WASHINGTON – AEA Vice President Daniel Simmons issued the following statement after the EPA hastily proposed an unrealistic fuel economy mandate for 2022-2025:

“The EPA has abandoned its own timeline in an effort to ram through another unrealistic and costly mandate. It’s clear the EPA wants to make it difficult for the Trump administration to get fuel economy standards in line with the needs and expectations of American families.

“The Obama administration is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole as consumers are increasingly buying larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs. While fuel economy is important, Americans buy cars for a whole host of reasons, including size, safety, comfort, and many others. This stricter mandate elevates the choices of Washington bureaucrats above the choices of American families. It will make it more difficult for Americans to buy cars that fit their needs and could prevent millions of people from even buying a car. Simply put, this is an affront to the American dream of mobility.”

Click here to watch AEA’s video on the impacts of the Obama administration’s fuel economy mandates.


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