AEA Congratulates Secretary Perry

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance (AEA) President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement after the Senate voted to confirm Governor Rick Perry as the Secretary of Energy:

“AEA congratulates Governor Rick Perry on being confirmed as the next Secretary of Energy. As the longest-serving Governor of Texas, Perry has a proven track record as an effective manager. We are confident that under Secretary Perry’s leadership, the Department of Energy will harness the intellectual power of our national labs, work toward substantive nuclear waste reform, protect and modernize our strategic nuclear arsenal, and remove politics from the science and research functions of the agency.

“In recent years, the agency has overstepped its mission by tipping the scales in favor of certain technologies like wind and solar power. We look forward to Secretary Perry returning the Department of Energy to its core mission and making sure the agency acts in the best interest of the American people.”


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