AEA Praises President Trump’s Budget Proposal

The Trump Budget:
A Commitment to Restoring America’s Promise, Returning Power to the People

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statements on President Trump’s budget proposal:

“President Trump has put forth the most significant budget blueprint in generations. The Trump budget offers a much-needed resetting of the relationship between the federal government, the states, and the American people. In particular, the DOE, EPA, Interior, NOAA, NASA, and the State Department budgets eliminate the architecture of President Obama’s politically motivated climate action plan and reemphasize the core mission at each of these agencies.

“While this is just an early step in the budget process, President Trump’s plan sets the tone for reining in wasteful spending and costly, duplicative regulations. Let’s just hope that Congress follows the President’s lead and enacts these much-needed reforms.”

The Department of Energy

“The Department of Energy has veered way off course, wasting billions of dollars on politically preferred energy sources and subsidizing their commercialization and deployment, which has hampered true energy innovation in the private sector. This is a far cry from agency’s core function of protecting our nuclear arsenal and conducting groundbreaking research and development. With this proposal, the president is protecting and strengthening our nuclear weapons, getting our nuclear waste program back on track, and sending a clear message that DOE should get out of the business of making loans and instead refocus on its core capabilities in science and energy research.”

The Environmental Protection Agency

“The Environmental Protection Agency is no longer in the business of protecting our air and water. It has become one of the most politicized agencies in the federal government, pursuing job-destroying and poverty-inducing regulations and programs. The American people have been forced to pay twice for EPA’s costly climate policies: first in their taxes, then through higher electricity rates.

“President Trump is sending a clear message that the EPA will no longer waste taxpayer dollars to carry out the previous administration’s climate action plan. The argument that this proposal would keep EPA from doing its job holds no water. President Trump’s budget blueprint will not only eliminate wasteful spending at EPA, but will also allow the agency to return to a more constructive relationship with states and the private sector in ensuring that our air is pure and our water is clean and safe.”

The Interior Department

“The Interior Department has an obligation to ensure that the American people enjoy the full benefits of their public lands, whether it be from recreation or resource development. Under the previous administration, the Interior Department adopted a ‘keep-it-in-the-ground’ approach that prevented the responsible development of our energy resources, especially natural gas, oil, and coal. On top of this, the Interior Department has wasted precious time and resources to acquire even more federal lands or put existing lands further and further off limits. President Trump’s Interior proposal will address the backlog of maintenance needs at our national parks and streamline the process for responsible energy development on multiple-use lands, both onshore and offshore.”

The State Department

“The State Department faces many great challenges abroad. Cutting checks to the United Nations’ climate slush fund and putting the threat of a changing climate ahead of combating terrorism distracts from the State Department’s mission. President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise of untangling the U.S. from U.N. climate programs and focusing our foreign policy and diplomacy efforts towards addressing the true threats to our security and safety.”​


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