AEA Endorses MINER Act

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, November 30, Thomas J. Pyle, President of the American Energy Alliance, sent a letter to Congressman Paul Gosar endorsing the Minnesota’s Economic Rights in the Superior National Forest Act (MINER Act). The MINER Act reflects AEA’s commitment to enabling the American people to access and develop all the natural resources at our disposal. Pyle’s letter can be read in full below:

Dear Chairman Gosar:

I write to you in support of H.R. 3905, the Minnesota’s Economic Rights in the Superior National Forest Act (MINER Act).

Put simply, the MINER Act would wrest power back from an overreaching executive branch and return it to the people. Proposals like the MINER Act are important for establishing a renewed respect for resource development across the country. As Congressman Emmer said earlier this month, “We can utilize the largest untapped copper-nickel deposit in the world for Americans, and in an environmentally sound way,”

The Obama administration’s midnight withdrawal application to restrict development within the Superior National Forest was an example of the federal government at its bureaucratic worst. Arbitrary withdrawals of this nature do nothing to provide us cleaner water or air, but have been shown time and again to harm local economies and put people out of work. Minnesotans deserve better and the MINER Act would move us in the right direction.



Thomas J. Pyle

President, American Energy Alliance

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