Release: AEA Applauds Trump Administration For New Waste Prevention Rule

WASHINGTON – Today, the Department of the Interior announced its final rule reforming methane regulations by revising the 2016 Waste Prevention Rule (also known as the Venting and Flaring Rule). American Energy Alliance President Thomas J. Pyle issued the following statement:

“We are pleased to see the Trump administration taking an opportunity to reduce the burden of another costly and unnecessary regulation that threatens to derail efforts to achieve U.S. energy dominance. The BLM has no authority over regulation of air emissions, which is more properly a function of the state governments as specified by the Clean Air Act. Not only that, but the energy sector is already significantly reducing methane emissions without this top-down directive from the federal government, in part, because methane itself is a valuable resource that producers have incentive to capture and sell.

“Had the Trump administration not undone this costly regulation, the cost of complying with this regulation would ultimately fall on the shoulders of the American people. Today’s reform will save millions in regulatory costs annually and is another example of President Trump’s truce in President Obama’s ongoing war on affordable energy.”


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