Trump Administration Rightly Rejects California’s Power Grab

WASHINGTON – Today, the Trump administration announced it has halted negotiations with California’s Air Resources Board with respect to California’s waiver authority to set fuel economy mandates. AEA President Thomas Pyle made the following statement: 

“California was never going to negotiate in good faith with the Trump administration. For years California politicians have made green virtue signaling a priority over affordable, abundant energy no matter the impact on California families. California has the authority to adopt more stringent regulations for harmful pollutants like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, but they do not have the right to dictate environmental policy for the entire nation. The Trump administration was correct to propose revoking California’s Clean Air Act waiver for motor vehicle greenhouse gas emissions in the SAFE Vehicles Rule and should immediately move the rule forward. The Obama administration never should have approved the waiver in the first place, and the courts will almost certainly agree with that determination. 

Consumers, not unelected bureaucrats in Sacramento, should decide what cars they want to buy. The Trump administration is right to stop the negotiations and reject California’s power grab.” 

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