Key Vote: H.R. 2740 Appropriations Minibus Amendments

In voting on amendments to H.R. 2740, the American Energy Alliance urges the following votes: in Part 1 of the Rule, support amendments #81, #83, #91 and #94; in Part 2 of the Rule, support amendment #89, and oppose amendments #83 and #108.

Amendments to Division D: State and Foreign Operations:

YES on Amendments #81, 83, and #94: US tax dollars should not fund UN bodies that seek to impose higher energy costs across the globe. These unaccountable international organizations threaten free markets and affordable energy worldwide.

YES on Amendment #91 (Palmer): The Paris Agreement was and remains a bad deal for the United States.  Without Congressional approval, the previous administration sought to shackle the US to economically harmful targets while allowing most of the rest of the world to do nothing. The decision to withdraw is correct and should be allowed to proceed.

Amendments to Division E: Energy and Water

YES on Amendment #89 (Mullin): The social cost of carbon calculation is entirely notional and cannot be justified on scientific or economic grounds. During the creation process, the social cost of carbon models and calculations were manipulated to reach a desired end goal. The social cost of carbon designed by the previous administration should be discarded.

NO on Amendment #83 (Castor): The previous administration’s last minute decision to extend efficiency requirements to additional lighting was an unlawful overreach. The current administration is correct to reconsider that regulatory decision.

NO on Amendment #90 (Huffman): Like any other proposed project, the environmental assessment for the Pebble Mine should be allowed to continue according to established regulatory procedures.

AEA urges all members to support free markets and affordable energy with the above votes.  Should a vote on any of these amendments occur, AEA will include it in its American Energy Scorecard.

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