Key Vote: Energy Bill Amendments

The American Energy Alliance urges all Senators to reject harmful amendments to the introduced American Energy Innovation Act. Numerous proposed and filed amendments have no place in this legislation. Legislative action in such areas as the Kigali Amendment limiting HFCs, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and electric vehicle and other tax credits, among others should be debated on their own merits, not attached to this larger bill in an attempt to sneak them to passage. An egregious example of this is Wyden amendment #1397, which seeks to revive or create every conceivable special interest tax credit.

The AEA will score any harmful amendments which are brought to a vote with additional vote alerts as amendment slates are agreed upon. Further, although AEA does not currently expect to score the final vote on this legislation, should any harmful amendments be successfully attached to the current legislative language, AEA reserves the right to score the final legislative vote.

The AEA urges all Senators to oppose extraneous amendments to the energy bill. Any amendments which are voted on will be included in the American Energy Scorecard.

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