Green Government Goliath

The climate radicals are upping the ante on puppet Joe Biden. The latest is a push by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for Joe to embrace spending up to $16 trillion in the name of averting a climate crisis and going fossil-fuel-free. 

Bold. Ambitious. Transformative describe the DNC’s Green New Deal plan.

In poker, they say it is only money. But in this case, it is serious money that would necessitate serious tax hikes and a regulatory apparatus not seen since the Jimmy Carter energy years.

The 12-person DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis, (DNC-CECC) formed in February, has leftt Biden’s original $1.7 trillion climate/energy plan in the dust. Bernie Sanders and Jay Inslee were in the $16 trillion ballpark, and now Joe is the target.

The fine print of the DNC-CECC proposal is scary. End federal permitting for fossil-fuel projects; eliminate natural gas and oil in new buildings by 2025; phase out new gasoline or diesel vehicles by 2030. 

Here is the language:

“Develop and implement a science-based national climate action plan that employs the full palette of policy tools, including aggressive use of executive actions, establishment of new structures and practices, and bold legislation. 

• Commit to ambitious short- and long-term emissions and renewable energy targets: near-zero emissions by 2040; 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 in electricity generation, buildings, and transportation; and 100% zero-carbon new building infrastructure by 2025.

• Commit to the spending necessary to address the climate emergency: $10-$16 trillion in federal expenditures over the next decade. “

Then comes environmental justice:

“Put communities and working families above fossil fuel corporations by ensuring a just transition and building a green economy with millions of new, family-sustaining jobs. 

• Establish a federal Just Transition Task Force to develop a program supporting communities and workers impacted by the climate crisis and the transition to renewables, and fund the program.

• Direct massive investments to renewable energy infrastructure, creating millions of jobs, and end all incentives and subsidies of the fossil fuel industry, including passing the ReWIND Act.

• Shift subsidies and federal procurement policies to support the growth of sustainable, regenerative agriculture powered by 100% clean energy. n Support the growth of healthy, just, sustainable green communities and address the disproportionate environmental and climate harms to frontline and vulnerable communities.

• Elevate the EPA to a federal department; make the EPA Office of Environmental Justice permanent.

• Use health impact assessments and climate equity screenings for major federal government actions. se health impact assessments and climate equity screenings for major federal government actions.

• Direct 40% of climate and environment investments to frontline and vulnerable communities.

• Rescind Trump-era rollbacks on environmental protections. rotect 30% of all U.S. lands and oceans by 2030 and 50% by 2050.”

In light of the above, Biden is expected to release his updated climate plan in the next weeks. The presumptive nominee has a big problem: consumers are choosing fossil fuels, and wind, solar, and biomass have their own set of controversies. Swing states such as Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, like and benefit from their oil and gas industries. West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois like their coal producers too.

The grand $16 trillion is a billboard marquee about how uneconomic and impractical the Green New Deal is. Expect voters to notice.

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