Key Vote NO on H.R. 2

The American Energy Alliance urges all members to opposed H.R. 2 the Moving Forward Act.

This legislation is not good faith effort to advance transportation policy.  Rather the legislation seeks to hijack the required surface transportation reauthorization process to attach a slew of extraneous green provisions drawn from the unworkable Green New Deal.  This mirrors the equally shameless effort from earlier this year to hijack the coronavirus relief legislation to advance many of the same green provisions that have been attached to H.R. 2.

The various wasteful subsidies and handouts packed into this $1.5 trillion legislation are bad policy in of themselves, but jeopardizing the passage of a transportation reauthorization in an attempt to spread these special interest handouts around is irresponsible.  This legislation cannot pass the Senate, which makes it merely a signaling exercise, hardly what is needed during the uncertain economic times the country is facing.

The House should return to the drawing board and work through the normal bipartisan transportation reauthorization process.  Perhaps that can happen once this signaling bill goes nowhere.

The AEA urges all members to support free markets and affordable energy by voting NO on H.R. 2.  AEA will include this vote in its American Energy Scorecard.

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