Biden’s “Climate Day” Will Live in Infamy

President makes it clear that he cares more about environmentalists in California than workers in New Mexico, North Dakota, and Colorado, or families, the poor, the elderly, or those on fixed incomes anywhere in the United States.

WASHINGTON DC (January 27, 2021) – The American Energy Alliance (AEA) is the country’s premier pro-consumer, pro-taxpayer, and free-market energy organization. Thomas Pyle, AEA’s president, released the following response to President Biden’s executive orders directing the entire federal government to prioritize climate change above all priorities – including its own citizens.

“President Biden’s ban on oil and natural gas production on lands owned by all Americans will result in higher energy prices, job losses, and reduced economic growth.

“American lands and waters under federal stewardship contribute approximately 22 percent of our oil, 12 percent of our natural gas, and 40 percent of our coal. Taking that production offline will cost consumers, workers, and families money and will increase our reliance on unfriendly nations for our energy.

“Even worse, these actions are pointless. They will do nothing to affect climate change as competitors like China continue to ramp up the production and purchase of every form of energy they can, as fast as they can.

“President Biden should focus his own energies on Americans and the American economy. If he were serious about justice and equality, his emphasis would be on encouraging energy sources that can deliver affordable energy to every one of every income level.

“Less American energy means higher prices for motorists, businesses, families and disproportionally harms Americans who earn less or live on fixed incomes.”

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