The Unregulated Podcast #24: Tom and Mike On Recent Developments in DC, Texas, and Elsewhere

On this episode of Unregulated Tom & Mike weigh in on recent Congressional hearings, president Biden’s recent flub filled town hall, new details on the nation’s COVID response, and look at some of the factors contributing to the tragedy unfolding in Texas.


Super Bowl streaker audio

Republican voters are tired of a party that simply wants to ‘hold the line’

Fact check: Biden makes at least four false statistical claims at CNN town hall

Joe Biden on China’s human rights violations and genocide against the Uighurs: “culturally there are different norms”

Understanding the Texas Energy Predicament

“Teachers should be a priority.”

Not even a month in and “follow the science” is already out the window

Biden says there was no vaccine when he came into office. That is abjectly FALSE. President Trump brought about the fastest vaccine for a novel pathogen in history

Pruitt: Trump asked, ‘Should we shut down the agency?’

Sen. John Kennedy tells Neera Tanden on her old tweets

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