Key Vote NO on Haaland Confirmation

While Biden’s nominees for various energy and economic positions have been awful, Rep. Haaland may be the most extreme. Her wholehearted opposition to the invaluable practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), her advocacy for the “30×30” movement, which would exclude most of the federal lands from productive use, and her endorsement of the Green New Deal make her unfit to lead the department.

Haaland hails from New Mexico, the epicenter of America’s thriving oil and gas production, and earned a 0% as a member of Congress on our Energy Scorecard. That means she actively opposes domestic energy production and seeks to drive up energy prices while inhibiting America’s energy security. Supporting her in this role should be political suicide and we’re making that crystal clear with today’s vote alert. These aren’t threats, these are facts.

Any Senator who casts a vote in support of Haaland is voting against American energy and will be forced to explain to their own constituents that they are directly responsible for rising energy prices and why foreign nations like China, who controls the rare earth mineral market required for renewable energy manufacturing, is in control of our energy future, not us.

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