AEA Calls for FTC Investigation of Anti-Consumer Behavior by President Biden and His Administration

Hard-working Americans should not have to pay more for gasoline
when we’re the world’s largest oil producer.

WASHINGTON DC (November 22, 2021) – The American Energy Alliance, the country’s premier pro-consumer, pro-taxpayer, and free-market energy organization, is calling on the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate intentional and strategic steps made by the Biden administration to artificially and unnecessarily raise the price of energy on American consumers.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement along with this letter to the FTC:

“By asking the FTC to investigate oil companies for price gouging, President Biden has joined a long and unremarkable list of politicians who promote policies that increase the cost of energy and then seek to cast blame elsewhere. The American people aren’t buying it.

“Joe Biden has been wrong about oil and gas for decades. He was one of only five Senators who voted against the Trans-Alaska pipeline in 1973. As President, nearly fifty years later, he killed the Keystone pipeline with the stroke of a pen. From day one of his presidency, Biden has waged war against American energy producers, pursuing policies that curtail the production of oil and natural gas and punish them through higher taxes and crippling regulations.

“With his poll numbers tanking, and Americans paying punishing prices at the pump, Biden suddenly pretends to care about gasoline prices.

“The FTC has issued nearly fifty reports on oil and gasoline pricing. In no instance did the FTC find the type of wrongdoing President Biden is alleging. The FTC should investigate President Biden instead. They will no doubt determine that his anti-consumer behavior is contributing to the high price of gasoline.”

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