Rep. Ro Khanna Flip Flops After Seeing Poll Numbers

Rep. Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, has been putting pressure on domestic oil companies to lower production for months. In October he was interrogating oil CEO’s about why they were increasing production as their ‘European Counterparts’ were lowering their own—seemingly a moral good in Rep. Khanna’s eyes.

Now that gas prices in his state are above the $6 mark, he is singing a different tune. We now hear him bemoaning the rising price ad nauseam. He’s responding to the tidal wave of public opinion that has shifted rapidly in the wake of the rising price of gasoline, and ignoring his own hypocrisy as he does so. 

There is no admission that his own policymaking contributed directly to the present problem, or acknowledgment of the full 180 he’s made on the issue. He’s simply begun calling for increased production as though that has been his position all along. I’ve put together a video highlighting the hypocrisy that Rep. Khanna has openly displayed on this issue.

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