125 Ways the Biden Administration and Congress Have Made it Harder to Produce Oil & Gas

WASHINGTON DC (11/02/2022) – Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have a plan for American energy: make it harder to produce and more expensive to purchase. Since President Biden took office, his administration and Congressional Democrats have taken over 125 actions deliberately designed to make it harder to produce energy here in America.

A PDF of the full list is available to download here.

AEA President, Thomas Pyle, issued the following statement:

“Publicly, the Biden administration claims to be working to lower energy prices through temporary measures, like releases from the SPR, that won’t solve the long-run problems plaguing energy markets. But as our list shows, behind the scenes, the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats are doing everything in their power to block the production of reliable and affordable energy. This is exactly what the Green New Deal agenda is, making the sources of energy needed every day for families around the country too expensive to afford.”

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