Key Vote YES on H.J. Res. 27

The American Energy Alliance urges all Senators to support H.J. Res. 27, the Congressional Review Act resolution disapproving of the revised definition of “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act.

The Clean Water Act clearly spells out an extensive state role for regulation of water sources. The federal statutory regulatory role is overseeing navigable waters of the United States. The repeated attempts by federal bureaucrats to stretch this definition to cover nearly all water sources in the country is an illegal power grab. This most recent rule from the Biden Administration is yet another version of the same old power grab that has been repeatedly struck down by the courts. The definition of “waters of the United States” in this rulemaking is so broad that it deeply intrudes on state responsibilities contrary to the express intent of the Clean Water Act. It will be used as a pretext to insert federal bureaucrats into industries and areas that are already well regulated by the states themselves.

With the Supreme Court set to reach a decision that will hopefully better clarify how the term “waters of the United States” should be construed, this rule should not have been rushed out at all. That the bureaucracy pressed forward with this power grab regardless only emphasizes why Congress should disapprove of this rulemaking. They will not be stopped by voluntary restraint, Congress must take action.

The AEA urges all Senators to support free markets and affordable energy by voting YES on Amendment H.J. Res. 27. AEA will include this vote its American Energy Scorecard.

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