AEA Statement on Energy Week

WASHINGTON DC (03/20/2024) – As House Republicans bring a series of bills to the floor aimed at increasing domestic energy production and reducing energy costs for Americans, the Biden Administration moves another step closer this week to forcing the auto industry to shift exclusively to electric vehicles, another in the more than 200 actions the Biden Administration and congressional Democrats have taken to make energy harder to produce and more expensive to purchase in the U.S.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“House Republicans are right to focus their attention on energy prices, which continue to be front and center for the many families struggling to make ends meet in this inflationary environment. Meanwhile, the Biden EPA is busy finalizing an internal combustion engine vehicle ban.

The contrast could not be more clear. House Republicans encourage the responsible development of our natural resources and reject policies – like a carbon tax – that Americans overwhelmingly oppose. Meanwhile, President Biden continues to push an agenda that restricts our energy production here at home, takes away our choice, and makes everything more expensive and less reliable.”

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