Governor Youngkin Protects Virginia Car Buyer’s Right to Choose

WASHINGTON DC (06/05/2024) – Today, Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia announced that Virginia has opted against adopting the emissions mandate set by California, choosing instead to transition back to the Federal rules by year-end. Backed by the Attorney General, this action will ensure, at least for now, that access to personal transportation remains affordable and equitable for everyone in Virginia.

In 2019, the Trump administration revoked California’s authority to set its own regulations, but in 2022, the Biden administration reinstated this power. Over a dozen Republican-led states are seeking to overturn California’s ability to establish mandates. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit denied their request in April. The decision will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Virginia’s refusal to adopt California’s EV regulations coincides with a decline in consumer demand for electric vehicles and as automakers are adjusting their strategies for developing new EV models and investing in battery factories to align with the lower-than-anticipated consumer interest.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“Today, Governor Youngkin followed through on his promise to preserve the right of Virginians to choose the types of cars that best suit their needs. Virginians of all stripes have made it clear that they don’t want to be forced into buying more expensive and less reliable vehicles mandated by bureaucrats in California.

At a time when high inflation is making household budgets more and more expensive, Governor Younkin’s decisive action will help keep cars affordable for Virginia families. What happens in California should stay in California, especially bad policies like a ban on gasoline powered cars and trucks. It is unfortunate that the Democrats in the Virginia legislature have refused to join him.”

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