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Empty Handed

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It turns out, $85 million just isn't enough to buy an election. Tom Steyer and his group NextGen Climate Action lost nearly every race they played in. As the Wall Street Journal reported:

This year’s environmental debate boiled down to Democratic support for Mr. Obama’s climate rules and green subsidies against full-throated Republican support for energy production of all sorts, including coal, oil and natural-gas fracking, more pipelines and greater fossil-fuel exports. These GOP...

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It's not what it looks like

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America’s oil shale revolution has occurred in spite of President Obama’s attempts to block the widespread use of traditional, affordable energy resources. The President’s war on coal is threatening to shut down enough electrical generating capacity to power 44.7 million homes. One of the last lines of defense for Obama’s six-year blockade of the Keystone XL pipeline will come and go with the midterm elections, as TransCanada explores other options for the transport of their...
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Public Enemy #1

Leonardo DeLusional

More inconvenient truths

EPA Chopper

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Climate Hero

Obama's Workshop

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