Families and businesses across America are feeling the pain at the pump.

Gas prices are at record highs as politicians in Washington, D.C. have created a climate of uncertainty: President Biden sent an unmistakable signal to the oil and natural gas industry last year by banning leasing on federal lands and canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

As Yahoo! Finance recently summed up, Biden’s words make an impact:

“He has lobbied for the phase-out of fossil fuels that are now in short supply, causing gasoline and home-heating costs to surge.”

Now, fringe Democrats in Congress want to raise taxes on oil production – a deeply flawed proposal that would push gas prices even higher.

We need to strengthen American energy security to keep prices low for consumers and protect our national security, so we’re not begging hostile nations like Iran for more oil.

Now is the time to tell politicians in Washington, D.C. to stop relying on foreign oil and start supporting American energy production.

Mixed Signals and Flips Flops

Fort the past two years, Joe Biden and his administration have sent mixed signals on American energy development. But you can’t have it both ways, Joe. We need clear support for domestic energy production.

Likewise, Rep. Ro Khanna spent last year pressuring energy companies to decrease oil production, but has since flip-flopped after seeing polls numbers and is now calling for an increase in production. 

Take Action

Send a message directly to the White House urging President Biden to take a firm stand against the anti-energy zealots in his party and take immediate action to support domestic production!

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